SL1 PowerFlow Platform

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SL1 PowerFlow provides a generic platform for integrations between SL1 and third-party applications, such as ServiceNow, Restorepoint, xMatters, Opsgenie, or Cherwell Service Management. The PowerFlow platform sits in the middle of SL1 and the third-party application and handles the flow of data.

From the PowerFlow user interface, you can use the PowerFlow builder to create complicated workflow automations with logical branching using drag-and-drop components.

SL1 PowerFlow enables intelligent, bi-directional integration between SL1 and third-party applications to promote a unified management ecosystem. PowerFlow contains default workflows that let users translate and share data between SL1 and third-party applications, and it also allows the development of standardized, reusable snippets called "steps" that non-developers can use to create integration workflows without writing code. In addition, PowerFlow is designed to provide high availability and scalability.

The following image shows an example of a PowerFlow application workflow and its steps in the PowerFlow user interface: