Tips for Using this Site

Installation and Configuration

This page contains a list of tips and best practices for using the ScienceLogic product documentation.


  • To ensure that you are always using the most recent version of the product documentation, check the URL for this site to make sure you are using
  • The documentation at this site contains all manuals for the various features of SL1 and SL1 PowerFlow. You can click the Download manual as PDF link at the top of each chapter to download the PDF version of the manual.
  • The documentation at this site is the same documentation that appears when you click the Help button at the top of any SL1 page. When you click Help, the Help Menu appears:
    • The content in the Help Menu is based on your current page in SL1, and it is a condensed version of what appears at this site.
    • If you click the View Product Documentation link at the bottom of the Help Menu, a product documentation topic specific to the current page appears in a new browser window:
  • If you use the Version drop-down to navigate to a previous version of the product release notes or product documentation, the Version drop-down on the older version might contain links to archived, end-of-life versions of the site that display a 404 error.
  • To hide the Table of Contents that displays at the left of the Help window, click the Hide Table of Contents button (). To show the Contents again, click the Show Table of Contents button ().

Searching the Site

  • To search for a specific item in the product documentation, type the relevant information in the Search bar at the top of the page. After you select a document from the search results page, type the same search into your browser's Search (Ctrl+F).
  • If you are using a multiple-word search for a specific term, enclose those words in quotation marks ("").
    • For example: "business services".
    • If you do not use quotes around a term, the online docs assume you want to search for any of those terms, such as business OR services, as opposed to a search for business AND services with quotes.
  • Use the following command to search the product documentation via the SL1 API:<your-query-here>. For example: services.
  • After you click a link to a page from the search results, your search term or terms display as one or more highlighted colors. To get rid of the highlights, click the Remove Highlights button () on the toolbar at top right of the Help content pane.


  • If you want to share or save a link to specific location in the documentation, click the link icon () to the right of the heading for a topic or sub-topic. That topic moves to the top of the reading pane, and you can copy the URL in the Address bar of the browser to share or save that location.
  • If a link to an external site does not open properly in a new browser window or tab, right-click the link in the product release notes and select the option to open the link in a new tab or window.


  • An image in the product documentation might appear slightly blurry until you click that image to expand it in a pop-up window.
  • If you clicked to expand an image in a pop-up window, you will need to click the expanded image in its pop-up window to return it to its regular size before you can click another image or link in the product documentation.
  • You can also right-click an image and select Open Image in New Tab from the pop-up menu to make the image display at full size in the new browser tab.

Guides from the "Classic" User Interface

  • As of version 8.12.2 of SL1, ScienceLogic is no longer updating the help content that appears when you click the Guide button in the user interface. All help content will be updated and maintained here at

To share your feedback, please click the blue Feedback button on the right, or email the Documentation team at For Legal information, see the ScienceLogic Terms & Agreements page.