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This manual will explain how to configure your SL1 systems to use RSA SecurID for multi-factor authentication during login to SL1.

Use the following menu options to navigate the SL1 user interface:

  • To view a pop-out list of menu options, click the menu icon ().
  • To view a page containing all the menu options, click the Advanced menu icon ().

This section includes the following topics:

NOTE: Currently, SL1 supports multi-factor authentication through RSA SecurID only.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication adds an additional step to authentication. Users still must provide a user name and password, but multi-factor authentication requires an additional piece of information from the user.

Currently, SL1 supports multi-factor authentication from RSA SecurID. RSA SecurID generates a unique token delivered to a key fob or to an email address or mobile phone.

If you configure SL1 to use multi-factor authentication, after the user provides a user name and password, SL1 prompts the user to enter the token from RSA SecurID.