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The following sections provide an overview of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CM) and the Cisco: CUCM Unified Communications Manager PowerPack:

What is Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

Cisco Unified Communications Manager, also known as CallManager, is a unified call control and communications platform that provides services such as session management, voice, video, messaging, mobility, and web conferencing. Multiple CallManager servers can be grouped together into a cluster, which enables the CallManagers to share resources and features for better system scalability.

What Does the Cisco: CUCM Unified Communications Manager PowerPack Monitor?

To monitor Cisco Unified CM using SL1, you must install the Cisco: CUCM Unified Communications Manager PowerPack. This PowerPack enables you to discover, model, and collect data about your Cisco Unified CM system and clusters.

The Cisco: CUCM Unified Communications Manager PowerPack includes:

The Run Book Action that assigns the root device disables the Cisco Unified CM cluster root device's Auto-Update option.

Supported Versions

You can use this PowerPack to configure versions 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, and 12.x of Cisco Unified CM.

Installing the Cisco: CUCM Unified Communications Manager PowerPack

Before completing the steps in this section, you must import and install the latest version of the Cisco: CUCM Unified Communications Manager PowerPack.

By default, installing a new version of a PowerPack overwrites all content from a previous version of that PowerPack that has already been installed on the target system. You can use the Enable Selective PowerPack Field Protection setting in the Behavior Settings page (System > Settings > Behavior) to prevent new PowerPacks from overwriting local changes for some commonly customized fields. (For more information, see the section on Global Settings.)

To download and install a PowerPack:

  1. Download the PowerPack from the ScienceLogic Customer Portal.

  1. Go to the PowerPack Manager page (System > Manage > PowerPacks).
  2. In the PowerPack Manager page, click the Actions button, then select Import PowerPack.

  1. The Import PowerPack dialog box appears:

Image of Import PowerPack dialog box

  1. Click the [Browse] button and navigate to the PowerPack file.
  2. When the PowerPack Installer modal appears, click the Install button to install the PowerPack.

If you exit the PowerPack Installer modal without installing the imported PowerPack, the imported PowerPack will not appear in the PowerPack Manager page. However, the imported PowerPack will appear in the Imported PowerPacks modal. This page appears when you click the Actions menu and select Install PowerPack.