Overview of Restorepoint version 5.6

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Restorepoint is a Disaster Recovery and Secure Configuration Management appliance for network devices such as, routers, switches, proxies, and firewalls. Restorepoint can automatically retrieve your network device configurations, detect changes and compliance violations, and report these automatically to network administrators.

To add new devices to Restorepoint, you can set the backup frequency for each device individually or as a group. Once you have stored your device configurations on Restorepoint, you can restore network devices when needed.

All backups, device configurations, and passwords are encrypted, and cannot be read by an unauthorized user.

You can configure, monitor, and control Restorepoint through an easy-to-use web interface, which gives you access to all your devices, stored backups, user configurations, and activity logs.

Devices currently supported by Restorepoint are listed in the plugin guide. Check the Restorepoint website for the latest updates to this list.